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So you think your restaurant has what it takes to be a Feedie -
Love, compassion, and the desire to extend service beyond your own tables?

Well, if you can handle great press, social advertising and tax breaks, apply below.

What You Need to Know

Welcome to our table, future Feedie Restaurant! We’re excited that you’re interested, and are eager to get you started. But before you share you info with us, we want to share ours with you.

What Is Feedie?

Feedie is a mobile app transforms the passion for sharing food photos into sharing actual food with children in need, served by The Lunchbox Fund. Our goal is to capture a tiny fraction of the multi-billion dollar restaurant industry worldwide, and do what no other foodie app is doing: Philanthropy.

So what is The Lunchbox Fund?

The Lunchbox Fund is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing daily meals to impoverished school children in South Africa. We provide a quarter of a million meals a year, and with your help, our goal is to increase that number to 10 million, and ultimately expand our reach globally.

Click here to learn more about The Lunchbox Fund!

How does Feedie work?

It’s simple! When a guest at your restaurant takes a photo of your food using Feedie, you donate 25 cents—the estimated cost of a meal for a child.

How can my restaurant participate?

It’s a piece of cake! To get started, there’s a $500 tax-deductible* annual donation**. This gives you 2,000 photos (at 25 cents per photo). And as a Feedie launch bonus, your contribution gives you unlimited photos for the first year.

If you are a restaurant in South Africa, email us for annual donation rates.

In future years (we’ve got big plans!) if you reach your cap of 2,000 photos, we’ll offer ‘top-up’ packages.

* Tax deductions where applicable
**100% of your donation goes directly to feeding children.

How does Feedie benefit my business?

Glad you asked! There are many ways Feedie benefits you.

Feedie is viral social media advertising
People love to share food photos, and to share other people’s photos. Since a Feedie’s photo is shared with their social networks, this opens the door to your food being seen all over. And their post is different from other food photos, as it thanks your restaurant specifically for the meal eaten, and the meal donated.

Feedie is getting popular
From features on ABC News with Diane Sawyer to Vogue, Feedie is gaining momentum in the media. So we’re going to feature all of participating restaurants in our press.

Just look at who’s featuring Feedie:
Vogue, ABC News with Diane Sawyer, ABC News Instant Index, Mashable, The Chew, Huffington Post, LA Times, Time Magazine

Feedie is a community
As a participating restaurant, Feedies will be more likely to dine with you. Not only because of your generosity, but also because they can see your beautiful dishes and how many people are loving them!

Feedie donations are tax deductible*
You give and you get! The Lunchbox Fund is a 501(c)3 organization, so you can claim your donation as a tax deduction.

*Where applicable

How do I track my donations?

You can track donations by user and by restaurant on your profile on the website and the app. Analytics on your profile show the number of photos taken at your establishment and the resulting number of donated meals.

As a Feedie restaurant, how do I promote the program?

We have a Feedie Promo Kit!

Window decals
We’ll mail you a cool ‘Feedies Welcome’ restaurant window decal. That lets everyone know that to totally support Feedie photos in your restaurant!

Ready-to-Post Social Media Posts
Whether you have a social media manager or they could use a little assistance, we provide social media posts that you can use or tailor to your needs.

Print Materials
We have digital files of table tents, host stand cards and menu inserts available for download for your convenience.

Talking Points
If you and your staff are up for it, we also provide talking points for you, if you want to recruit new Feedies!

For any additional questions or comments please email us at feedie@thelunchboxfund.org

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